Quality management system

Yanda takes ISO9001 quality management system as the basic structure and combines with the Smart Fabrication Management System to bulid the company as a conssitent goal of the world-class module factory and continuous improvement.

Management Commitment

Quality Culture Orientation

Focus on prevention and insist on doing things right for the first time so that the quality become living habits of everyone.

Project Resource Strategy
Focus on project contracts and client requirments, optimize resource allocation to ensure project quality and defect-free delivery.

Quality Target and Policy

Quality Target
Pass rate of welding is 99%
Project quality pass rate 100%

Quality Policy
Scientific management, abiding by promises, meticulous construction, and provide first-class and continuously improved product quality and service levels to satisfy customers.

Process Control and Inspection

All new procedures, new processes and new employees are certified with first mock-up;

According to the scope of the project contract, Custom the project inspection test plan (ITP);

Take the work package as a unit to reduce the fabrication process control;

Always focus on personnel training and ability improvement, strengthen personnel quality awareness, and do things correctly and completely in the first time.

With the help of smart fabrication management system, periodic warning and quality intervention are carried out in advance to ensure that process performance meets the standard periodically.

Digital Turnover Documents

Project achievements:  0 punch-list in more than 300 projects;

High-satisfaction construction site feedback and client experience;

Integrate digitalization into construction plans and inspection test plans to improve factory efficiency and process control capabilities intelligently;

Remote inspection and paperless inspection reports, driving digital turnover documents;

Materials can be accurately traced to provide effective assistance to the construction site.

Continuous Improvement

Organize internal audit every month and evaluate project performance and improvement opportunities regularly;

Organize the practice and evaluation of new technology application of digital turnover document in quarterly;

Summarize and optimize the experience and lesson-learns according to project schedule;

Organize team building and improve teamwork capabilities;

Acquire the opinions and suggestions from clients and related parties, and sort out and run the existing system systematically.